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DC Chamber President & CEO Kali Boatright congratulated Shala on behalf of the Chamber.“It is evident that you have taken great care in planning a peaceful experience for those who need it most here at Douglasville Dialysis Spa,” commented Boatright, “the Chamber looks forward to supporting your business and helping in any way we can.” For more information, contact Shala at (678) 903-4470, or visit their website at They offer in-center hemodialysis for patients in chronic renal failure and end-stage renal disease while nurturing psychological, physical and social well-being.In-center nocturnal dialysis will be offered soon, and patients are currently being accepted for a waiting list.

Patients can expect to be treated in an environment of complete privacy as each individual’s medical needs and any obstacles to obtaining care are addressed.

When this happens, breathing is restricted and the body becomes starved for adequate oxygen.

Without treatment, pneumonia can worsen significantly, necessitating hospitalization and even causing death.

In the elderly population, pneumonia often exhibits much subtler symptoms than in teens and adults.

Therefore, it is extremely important to see a doctor if you notice any sings of infection.

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