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Furthermore, the country’s illiteracy-rate was very high and many parents distrusted the new national educational structure, created to replace the old system of the Catholic Church.Differences between the wealthy, industrialized north and the backward, poor and only slowly developing south were profound.Unformatted text preview: The Horror of Adwa and the Glory of Adua.Monuments of the Young Italian Nation-State in the Scramble for Africa Floris Meens, Radboud University On 9 July 2008, a committee of the Südtiroler Schützenbund paid a visit to the ambassador of Ethiopia in Italy, Grum Abay, offering him a letter addressed to the president of Ethiopia, Girma Woldegiorgis, and his prime minister, Meles Zenawi.At that time, Italy strove to become a colonial power at the expense of the Abyssinian Empire of Menelik ii.

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It also occupied the south of the Horn of Africa, which would become Italian Somaliland.

In 1887, Italy’s Prime Minister Agostino Depretis ordered the invasion of the rest of Abyssinia, at the cost of more than five hundred Italian soldiers at the Battle of Dogali.9 Although Depretis’ successor, Francesco Crispi, signed a treaty with the Abyssinian Emperor Menelik ii who even accepted the Italian colony of Eritrea, the Italian government wanted more.

Referring to a glorious past but also to an even greater present and future, they were of massive importance.

In many cities, statues of the great Italian politicians of the Risorgimento arose, as well as museums dedicated to Italy’s heroic Roman past.7 Simultaneously, the Italian government was striving to become a colonial power.

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The Italian rulers commanded an obelisk, excavated in 1883 by the archaeologist Rodolfo Lanciani and dating back to the Egyptian Empire of Ramesses ii, to be erected in front of Rome’s Termini Station.10 The 548 names of the soldiers killed at the Dogali battle were engraved in the monument, designed by Francesco Azzurri.