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There is no one solution that is right for all cases.

The indirect technique usually involves two appointments because the veneers will be fabricated at a dental laboratory.

Hard Tissue Dental Laser Hard tissue lasers are used to remove old fillings, repair cavities, and prepare teeth for bonding.

In between regular visits to the dentist, there are simple steps that each of us can take to greatly decrease the risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems.

INVISALIGN The Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear, snap-on, custom fit, removable mouth trays that apply a controlled amount of force to your teeth, forcing them to shift.

Air abrasion is gentle because it generates no heat, sound, pressure or vibration.In this process, a protective gel is applied to your gums to protect the soft tissue.LUMINEERS LUMINEERS® BY CERINATE® are porcelain veneers that offer the painless way to a permanently whiter and perfectly aligned smile.Veneers are usually done only to the part of the tooth that is visible when talking or smiling.Once this occurs the pulp becomes infected, and can even extend through the root tip and begin to eat away at the surrounding bone (this is an abscess).

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ORAL SEDATION & NITROUS OXIDE Dental sedation is a technique that can be used when a patient suffers from dental anxiety or dental phobia..

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