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Cuckold couple date

We went straight up to the bedroom, where the two of them stripped off and told me to do the same.

Ben laughed at my little cock before sitting on the bed with Jenny kneeling between his legs. "To say thank you for taking such good care of your wife."I lapped away at her until she was clean, while the two of them laughed at my humiliation.

The wedding ceremony had gone beautifully without a hitch, and we were now all in the hotel enjoying the reception....

I was forced to my knees, and made to suck out the mixture of Jeff and Lloyd's cum, plus my wife's juices.

You will have to get used to watching me serve virile young black men in future, it is going to happen, and there is nothing you can do about it!

" I knelt down and lapped at Jane's pussy until she was wet enough, then turned and got Bill's cock ready.

I was forced to watch the scene, as Amanda whimpered and sobbed over Ray's cock.

While the other two pushed into her from front and back.

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I had to remain kneeling to have a close up view of him ramming his huge dick into my wife.