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Dating for restaurant managers

“ Not every junior-senior relationship causes trouble, but their sensitive nature means everyone involved needs to be extra-aware of what’s ethical.

People who start making bad decisions without thinking at work can soon be missing deadlines, losing productivity and exercising poor judgement on work items, Brush says.

Don't make fun of your partner for these bad dreams.

After a long dinner shift, it's not uncommon for restaurant staff to go to a nearby bar. after their shift, get to know the bartender so you can be a cool kid.

“Junior-senior relationships in the office can hurt morale and even harm the company if the people involved forget their professionalism,” says Beth P. The relationship can lead to claims of favoritism or cause other co-workers to feel uncomfortable and create a hostile work environment.

You met them at a party, where they told you about their dream of opening a restaurant or winning and now you're totally smitten.You might you use a lot of salt and butter when you're cooking at home, but you really have no idea how much goes into a standard dish at any given restaurant.Learn to embrace this knowledge when you go out to eat — it's what makes things taste good. Whether you forgot to fire an order, or sat a party at the wrong table, it's not something you want to be be dreaming about.Bonus points if there's excellent food at said bar. Sure, it doesn't hurt to be hungry when you go out to eat at a restaurant, but that's not really the whole point of eating out.It's an experience – more like seeing a play or movie.

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Many experts say it’s important for companies to have policies in place that address junior-senior relationships.