Dating us dog tags

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Dating us dog tags

Called a Personal Information Carrier (PIC) it is expected to be deployed soon.

The Marines have developed their own version, called the Tactical Medical Coordination System (Tac Med CS) that can pinpoint the location of a wounded soldier using the Global Positioning System (GPS).

President Thomas Jefferson wrote the first dog licensing law for his home state of Virginia, because his sheep were being killed by dogs.

WWII Dog Tags During the Vietnam War, new stamping machines were used and the notch was eliminated.It was rumored that the notch was put in the tag so that the tag could be placed in a dead soldier’s mouth and would hold it open so that the gasses would escape and the body wouldn’t become bloated. The stamping machine required a notch to hold the blank in place as it was being stamped.The tags were first made of brass and later a corrosion-resistant alloy of nickel and copper.During the two Persian Gulf wars, Iraqi soldiers wore dog tags that were identical to their American counterparts except that the printing was in Arabic.Soldiers still wear metal dog tags today, but a new generation is being developed that holds a microchip containing the soldier’s medical and dental records.

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Soldiers began taping their tags together so that they wouldn’t make any noise and give away their position.