Fabio porchat stand up completo online dating cambios psicologicos en el adulto

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Fabio porchat stand up completo online dating

Em julho de 2012, o apresentador afrontou o presidente do Ibope no ar.

Posted in Admiral Byrd, antarctica, channeling, conspiracy, fourth reich, illuminati, indigo, maria orsec, nazis, new schwabenland, new world order, nwo, occult, operation highjump, reptilians, repulsing, secret space program, top secret, vril, wunder weapon Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester who observed the effects of nature- especially of water, privately met Adolf Hitler in 1934 to discuss the fundamental principals of agriculture, forestry, and water engineering.

The Repulsin models operated in the following way: When the main electric engine is started, the Coanda effect begins to create a differential aerodynamic pressure between the outer and inner surface of the primary hull.

At a higher speed, the vortex chamber becomes a type of high electrostatic generator due to the air particles, in high speed motion, acting as an electrical charge transporter.

Internal suction screw impellers of the Schauberger Repulsin-B model In the Repulsin B the vortex turbine has been improved for increasing the “Implosion Effect” and thus the lifting force.

Repulsin B inner workings Work on the Repulsin B continued in 1944 at the Technical College of Engineering at Rosenhügel in Vienna.

Schauberger was finally released back to Leonstein, Austria that same year.

In 1940, Schauberger began construction of the Repulsin(e) discoid motor in Vienna with help of the Kertl company.

He patented his idea on March 4, 1940 in Austria under patent 146,141.

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In the Repulsin B the upper membrane is fixed and the lower rotates at high speed.

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