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Freddy and sam dating

She was way to controlling." He explains taking Carly's hand into his. Because I would love to go with you." He says gently staring into her eyes."Of course I do!

" She answers while thinking that she has two of the best friends in the world."So when are we supposed to head out?

Instinctively he picks up the remote and begins flipping through the channels. " She asks gingerly even though she knew that he was.

Nothing good was on though and he quickly lost interest."Hey Freddie" she responds walking over and joining him on the couch. Who wouldn't be excited to be going on there first date with someone."About what?

"Ok would someone like to explain to me what in the world in going on? "Well Freddie and I figured it would be fun for us to double date to the carnival.

And we heard that Jake had broken up with Stephanie.

"And then yesterday you asked for 30 dollars to go to the carnival with. It is just me and some friends going to hang out at the carnival.""Oh no need to hide it son.

Freddie is trying to keep it a secret from his mom. But what happens when they start to go on more dates? Chapter 1: Double Date"Hey Carly" Freddie says walking into the apartment and plopping down on the couch.

He then quickly grabs the door handle and pulls it open. And you have definitely been acting differently over the past week." She puts her hands on her hips and gives him a motherly look.

He quickly jumps back as his mother practically falls forward into the doorway."Mom! The look of someone who knows what she is talking about.

You two were meant to be." She then takes Freddie in one arm and Carly in the other and brings them in for a hug. Benson, Freddie and I are just friends just as we have always been." She then noticed the look in the woman's eyes, a look that told her she didn't really believe her. Carly never really understood why she was so insistent on her and Freddie dating.

"Oh Carly now your part of the family."After a few moments of struggle Carly manages to free herself from Ms. So she figured she would put it in more simple terms for her. Perhaps if she ever found out about Freddie and Sam she would see that they made a much better couple."So you aren't going on a date?

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