Giant adult camel spiders

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Check out these interesting animal fighting encounters caught on video between some of mother nature's fiercest beasts. Some of these fights are vicious but most of the fighting is comical, if not odd.

When the ascension creature soul is captured it will be displayed as a random ascension creature when the check option is used on the ushabti.40301 (Ichneumonidae) - Durham, NC 4/10/08 Giant Ichneumon Wasp (Megarhyssa atrata) (Ichneumonidae) - Madison Co., NC 4/9/2012. Leucospis affinis (Leucospididae), female - Carroll Co., VA 7/22/06. Dark Fishfly (Nigronia serricornis) - Grayson Co., VA 5/30/2009 Fishfly sp. 1160454 - Durham, NC 3/29/14 Eastern Dobsonfly (Corydalus cornutus), female (Corydalidae) - Montgomery Co., VA 7/13/07 Gray Fishfly (Neohermes angusticollis) - Durham, NC 6/2/2009.

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