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READ NOW While, it’s great to be focused on ambitions and career, or your key relations – do not forget health and personal-relaxation-time.

It is about the very basis of our psyche and our emotional patterns and beliefs.The opposition to Pluto on Immum Coeli is like a cherry on the cake, because it guarantees deep transformation.Pluto in 4th House means radical and full renewal and transformation everywhere where it is necessary.Several years ago I made this kriya my personal practice and I completed the full 365 days. Later on, I have thought this kriya to my students only once. I could also feel how the energy was burning peoples burden and karma. This is how you give your gratitude to your teacher and the best way to elevate and to clear your own karma. Then, in 2015, I had the opportunity to give a several, short, yoga and astrology workshops in Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. Now I have a feeling, that one of the reasons why I was spending my money travelling to Balkans was to prepare the space for Maha Ridhi Siddhi Kriya there. I am, however, the date for this workshop, now in Serbia, was not elected astrologically, but based on the calendar availability only – mine and my friend Danica, who organizes this workshop in Serbia. You are right, but you may also say that there is nothing happening in the Universe by a coincidence. Today, I was having my lunch at Schiphol airport in Holland, waiting long hours for the flight connection to Warsaw.Yes, that was experience I had for the first time so strong, during my classes. So, tell me, please, what is each astrologer doing in spare time? In fact, not directly the stars but his astro-computer-program.

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The workshop starts on July 2nd in the evening, but we will have some preparation first to start smoothly the kriya on July 4th. In astrology, a New Moon is a symbolic point of attention, and a symbolic portal for new beginnings.

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