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Frisby and the Rats of NIMH is a 1971 children's book by Robert C. The winner of the 1972 Newbery Medal, the story was adapted for film in 1982 as The Secret of NIMH. Fitzgibbon begins preparation for spring plowing in the garden where the Frisby family lives. Jeremy suggests she seek help in moving Timothy from an owl who dwells in the forest. Frisby to the owl's tree, but the owl says he cannot help until he finds out that she is the widow of Jonathan Frisby. Frisby seek help from the rats who live in a rosebush near her. Frisby discovers the rats have a literate and mechanized society.

The novel relates the plight of a widowed field mouse, Mrs. Calhoun on mice and rat population dynamics at the National Institute of Mental Health from the 1940s to the 1960s. Normally she would move her family, but Timothy would not survive the cold trip to their summer home. They have technology such as elevators, have tapped the electricity grid to provide lighting and heating, and have acquired other human skills, such as storing food for the winter. Frisby of the rats' capture by scientists working for a laboratory located at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the subsequent experiments that the humans performed on the rats, which increased the rats' intelligence to the point of being able to read, write, and operate complicated machines, as well as enhancing their longevity and strength.

The same is true for mice and rats, and I highly doubt it work as part of a story really. Also, Justin’s in charge of Thorn Valley with Nicodemus gone so he might not even have time for Mrs. Also, many writers fall under the fallacy during the “lights scene” that Justin and Mrs. It doesn’t seem right that somebody’s friend would go after his wife, even if you think that person would “not mind” after he has dies, it would breaking the honor that friend’s commitment to that person—in essence, a final “screw you, I can do it because I can and she wants me”. Justin starts out by admiring the fact that she is Jonathan's widow. Id much rather Justin be with Isabella because it just seems right.” David Leemhius said: “I, along with a few other fan-fic authors such as Chris Silva and Megan Lucas, was always a Justin-and-Isabella booster…” Pennsylvania Jones said “Mrs. I'm sorry, but I just can't see her with anyone but Jonathan.” So there you have it.

I also do not like the fact that if Justin does marry her, she’d no longer be “Mrs. Not that I don’t like it—now I really don’t—but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either nor is it really viable. Why couldn’t he have survived and is looking to find his family again? Maybe Nicodemus knew that Jonathan was still alive somewhere, but never got to tell Mrs.

Perhaps in the next installment, Racso's joie de vivre will rub off on the other rodents of Thorn Valley. The ending was excellent and definately something that I'd never expected and most of the characters keep their personalities and ambitions that they had in the first book.

Each character is charming in his/her own way and I grew to love each of them.

As “Jam” said on the old Thorn Valley Forum: “In my oppinion I do NOT think they would have been a "couple" of sorts but much rather like "friends". “Jonathan, your wife, I fear, is desperate trouble.” “Jonathan, your wife has come at last.” So why would Nicodemus being talking to Jonathan when he is dead?

While the continuation of the NIMH story is most welcome, Conly's novel lacks the light touch of O'Brien's work, as well as the richness of character development and description.

Timothy, for example, is too perfect a mouse to be very interesting, and the leader Nicodemus is often a tedious moralizer. Ages are unfortunately peripheral characters in this story.

Both reach the Utopian colony only to discover that the valley and surrounding farms are to be turned into a tourist lake and campgrounds.

Insecure and arrogant when he first arrives, Racso learns more than just how to read.

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