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Read west briton online dating

Former chef Mr Lock, who had no previous military experience, joined the Kurdish militia after telling his family he was going backpacking to Turkey in August last year.An inquest in Portsmouth, Hampshire, heard that after being surrounded by Isis fighters, he turned his gun on himself to avoid being captured and suffering a “frightening and painful death”.

James Foley’s execution footage, by contrast, flooded social media and the dark corners of the web all at once.Lotzia, now a Florida sports reporter, tweeted his horror after his friend’s execution: ‘Devastated and crushed. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest offered his sympathies to the Sotloff family.He said of the video: 'This is something that the administration has obviously been watching carefully since this threat against Mr.A young Briton who died fighting alongside Kurdish forces in Syria killed himself to avoid falling hostage to Islamic State militants, an inquest heard.20-year-old Ryan Lock, from Chichester, West Sussex, died last December fighting with the People’s Defence Units (YPG) in the northern city of Raqqa, considered to be Isis’ de facto capital.

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Earnest also spoke about reports that a video on the internet that purports to show beheading of US reporter Steven Sotloff by ISIS The Prime Minister admitted the Government would 'continue to consider' what further action Britain could take against the ISIS fighters in the Middle East - including what 'military measures we might take'.

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