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Reddit dating site advice columnists

Or am I just being an entitled moron with an inflated ego?Is there a fifth option (other than becoming rich and famous)? So if you’re a 6, then you can get a woman with 10 looks only if she’s a minus 4 personality? Not that you’re bitter and write people off as heartless, just that you completely omit the heart.• An extended humblebrag from someone who feels bad that she got hit on by a guy her fat friend liked. Redditors actually give some pretty terrible advice in this case; they say she should tell her friend to consider a little something called not being fat. • A young man who has apparently never met an old person before needs advice on how to “deal with” his girlfriend’s racist grandmother.• This girl’s psychotic ex-boyfriend is obsessively Googling her name and usernames on the off chance that he might find a porn video of her.Alternatively, as one says, “I would understand if it was YOUR underwear, but your sister’s?” Is this a polite thing now, stealing other people’s dirty underwear and pocketing it so you can rub it on your genitals later in the day?

Most of them feel it would be okay if the boyfriend had saved the thong for later rather than going to the bathroom right then.And if you’re just a curious bystander, you’ll get an interesting look at just how much the advice-seekers are able to rationalize the actions of their errant partners, family members and coworkers.The only problem is that you might have a hard time looking away.And a 5 gets stuck with a 5 and they live undead-ly ever after? We are not linear, we are not commodities, we are not mere sums of traits, at least not ones that can be measured objectively — and having to say this has me concerned about your ability to hear it.I can only hope you’ve gotten your view of partnership from “10 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Dates” listicles — or from friends whose views on dating fit into “All _____ are _____! I hope this because these are, like any inadequate education, reversible by anyone willing to ask more of themselves. Something to help you reproduce, check the right life boxes, make your home more homey, supplement your income?

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The girlfriend opens the door of the bathroom and finds he is “rubbing [her] sister’s panties on his penis while smelling and kissing her dirty sock.” The girlfriend is unsure of what action to take.

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