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Hidden features surprise the casual visitor, and those who decide to stay and join the game can send an application to one or several of the seven general groups, to define their role and the character they want to play in this huge world.

Many of these groups even have sub-groups, offering special roles.

Picking up an observer tag along with notecards about rules and general hints, and taking the elevator down from the OOC and shop area, our reporter enters the main sim, Hathian, to start her journey and form a first impression of the environment before she decides which group and role might be the most rewarding one for a daring investigative reporter. Every pixelated brick seems to ooze atmosphere, and one sim blends into the next, while all of them altogether paint the picture of a town that might have seen better days.

How do I find a group of friendly, inclusive players who can roll with lgbt characters?

Trial and error being the obvious answer to this question, what else is it that you expect that the online version of TT RPG will offer that RL TT RPG's won't? Once you get audio/video then of course questions about gender will become more front and center, so what kind of "online" we talking?

I do think, though, that there are definitely plenty of inclusive RPG players out there!

In fact, you may already know some who haven't mentioned it, so I suggest exploring that first - see below.

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Ignoring the danger, our valiant and sexy reporter explored three popular places, and shares her first hand experience as warning or encouragement for those who dare to follow her trail.