Same birthday dating

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Same birthday dating

They weren’t aiming at a joint birthday when their son Cade Lee Gardner was conceived, said Luke Gardner, an assistant pastor at a Baptist church in northeast Mississippi and a student at a nearby campus of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Whether or not the exercise sped things up, Cade was born at a.m. 18 -- exactly 27 years after his parents’ birthdate. He said the chance of two people being born on the same day and having a baby on their birthday is about 1/365 times 1/365.

“I really didn’t even put it together until we got pregnant,” he said in a telephone interview Wednesday. ’” Using a smartphone app, he said, his wife calculated a due date of Dec. “Hillary is exactly six hours older than me,” Luke Gardner said. “That comes out to .0000000751 -- seven zeros and then 751,” or about 7.5 in a million, he said, which comes to about one in 133,000.

After that encounter, he always looked for me during flag retreat and recess time. One afternoon, when he was visiting me at home, my mother told him I was not around. He then revealed to my mother that it was also his birthday.

This is what he tells me every time we reminisce about those days of courtship. Is it coincidence or tadhana that we have the same birthday—month, year and day—on Nov. On the day he graduated from high school, I was there to congratulate him and pin his corsage.

After all, the husband and wife were born the same day.

And so was their son, 27 years later this past December.

Our birthdays are always a celebration because our friends cannot forget the date. I cannot imagine now how I am able to overcome the trials we have been through as a family, as a wife, but I know that it is our love for each other that makes us go on with life, despite of.

And that’s a lot less likely than getting hit by lightning sometime in your lifetime, which some put at roughly one in 12,000. So the couple from Baldwyn, Mississippi, got in some exercise to try to hurry the baby up a bit. 17, Gardner said, “we went walking” around the parking lot at First Baptist Church of Baldwyn, where Gardner is outreach pastor. “I saw it on a Facebook page first and asked about it,” Gardner said. I had to confirm it with her.” The chance of meeting someone born the same day as you is one in 365, explained Tumulesh Solanky, chair of the math department at the University of New Orleans.When he found work and I had mine, he proposed for us to marry in a civil ceremony.I forgot all my plans for my siblings and went with his. I was holding an umbrella to block the heat of the sun, unaware that he was staring at me.He was following me because, as I later found out, we went to the same secondary school, where I was a freshman and he a sophomore.

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I went back to our simple abode to continue living with him, my husband.

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