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The remainder of the vascular plant sections address the higher plants (Spermatophytes or Seed Plants, i.e. In the higher plants the terrestrial sporophyte has evolved specialised parts.In essence they have an underground component and an upper aerial component.By contrast, this page deals with botanical terms in a systematic manner with some illustrations, organized by Plant anatomy and function in Plant physiology.This glossary primarily comprises terms that deal with vascular plants (ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms), particularly flowering plants (angiosperms).

There is also an alphabetical list, Glossary of botanical terms.The female gametophyte is entirely contained within the sporophyte's tissues, while the male gametophyte in its pollen grain is released and transferred by wind or animal vectors to fertilize the ovules.Amongst the vascular plants the structures and functions of the Pteridophyta (ferns) which reproduce seedlessly are also sufficiently different to justify separate treatment, as here (see Pteridophytes).The habit of a plant provides important information about its ecology, that is how it has adapted to its environment.Each habit indicates a different adaptive ecological strategy.

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The formation of woody tissue is an example of secondary growth, a change in existing tissues, in contrast to primary growth that creates new tissues, such as the elongating tip of a plant shoot.

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