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I live in fear that someone might find out that I'm a rape victim, that I'm only pretending to be a "normal" person worthy of respect, while in reality I'm a nothing.The rapist saw me as a nothing, so who says other people won't see me this way too, that this isn't who I really am?You can trust our word: it does get better, your life is not hopelessly ruined, it's possible to repair what was broken, respect yourself again, and be respected by those around you.Please consider reporting this incident to authorities, and feel free to join our community, let's help each other recover from this trauma.A lot of rape victims hesitate to label their experience as rape, or get hung up on legalese, trying to figure out if it "counts." It feels like I have to make a choice: either I'm a victim, deserve unconditional support, and the other person is a rapist who should rot in prison - or what happened to me was my own fault and I'm a slut who doesn't deserve any better.In reality, your trauma and their crime are two separate things, it's not a package deal.

Talking of the trauma of rape can be hard, especially at first, but it's what helps heal it, especially if you do it in a group of other rape survivors.

It wasn't you." Rape means forcing someone to engage in sex against their will: physically, by threats, or by taking advantage of their vulnerability (e.g.

It can be done by anyone to anyone: man to woman, woman to man, man to man, woman to woman. Straight to straight, gay to gay, gay to straight, or straight to gay.

Even if we feel worthless and ashamed at times, we have nothing to be ashamed of and are worthy of as much respect as anyone else.

We're much more than just rape survivors, this experience doesn't define us.

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I can't help but think that they must be right, I really must be worthless if they were able to do this to me.