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Unisex shopping online

However an announcement on the brand's website today states: 'Clarks has a gender neutral ethos that anyone can choose any style they would like.' Clarks has announced on its website that it will unveil an a gender neutral school shoe range.The news came after the brand came under fire for being 'sexist' for the second time in a week last month'Over the past few seasons, following customer feedback and market research, we have focused on creating more unisex shoes and we are looking at a number of elements of our business to promote this gender neutral ethos, both on our website and within our stores.'The statement explained that as a large global company, it is not always possible to implement all the changes they want to make as quickly as they would like but that they're looking to move as fast as they can to ensure this ethos is reflected throughout the brand.In August, a mother-of-two blasted Clarks over their 'inferior' range of girls' school shoes in a blistering online complaint.Jem Moonie-Dalton, from London, accused the brand of 'discriminating' against girls and reinforcing gender stereotypes after she was left disappointed by the styles on offer for seven-year-old daughter.Even worse when they hit teens.''Had the same problem,' a third wrote. 'However other parents argued that Ms Moonie-Dalton was overreacting, saying that there were plenty of styles on offer. They have a thick sole and are sturdy.'Others argued that mothers and young girls prefer more feminine styles, so Clarks is simply catering to demand.

Days earlier in August, a mother prompted a huge online debate by accusing Clarks of offering flimsy and 'inferior' styles for girls, compared to its sturdy range for boys.

Today we have more unisex styles in our range than ever before.

This means we now have a wider range of closed-in styles, school boots and GORE-TEX® styles and these changes will continue in our Spring Summer 2018 range, which has been designed with an entirely unisex approach.

The Labour councillor for Greenwich tweeted about the ranges, saying she was 'appalled' by this example of 'everyday sexism'.

She echoed the sentiments of another mother who this week prompted a huge online debate by accusing Clarks of offering flimsy and 'inferior' styles for girls, compared to its sturdy range for boys.'The idea that we should be bringing up a generation of boys to aspire to become leaders while the best hope for girls is to be Dolly Babes is just grim,' Miranda told The Sunday Times.'It makes me so angry.

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