Updating outlets

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Updating outlets

This exposes the underside of the circuit board, which you can remove from the case entirely to get a look at the top half.

However, I find it easier to work with the circuit board attached to the front half of the case.

Anyway - now you need to solder jumper wires to the six pins identified in the previous step, the negative terminal of the battery connection (this will make sure your whole circuit has a common ground later).

Seven connections total, as shown in the pictures above (a "fake" photo with the color-coded wires drawn in, as well as a photo of the real thing).

We will update this feed frequently, and though our list is not comprehensive, we aim to make it as complete as possible.

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Note: I opted for economy shipping from Spark Fun for my multi-colored jumper wire. The bad news is I only had red and black jumper wire available before that.